Bubble Hamsters

Bubble Hamsters
Play Bubble Hamsters strategy game now for free.

Bubble Hamsters is a colorful bubble shooter game for the whole family! Master all levels and unlock cute new hamsters! Can you achieve a high score?

A match 3 html5 game that works on mobile and desktop.  Basically what looks like a Hamster but could be a bear-rat for all we know that can shoot bubbles at a descending wall of bubbles.  The goal is obviously to eliminate bubbles. If the bubble hits 2 or more line bubbles of the same color it will be destroyed.   There are levels to progress through with difficulty progression.  Good game for wasting a little time while waiting for your train or standing in a bus stop.

Make sure not to play this while walking. I think I don’t need to tell you that. but just in case.  I see a lot of people use their smartphone while blindly walking.   In fact it happened to me once and I almost crossed the street while it was green for cars.  since then stopped doing.  Yeah I know /r/nobodyasked but to be fair, why are  you reading then?    Anyways (I hate it when someone says anywayzzz), enjoy!

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