Human Invaders – bio-warfare

Deep in the wild west space, there, lays a peaceful little gassy planet called Garbagia. It is somewhat bigger than Pluto, for that reason it is still called planet. On Garbagia, settles some 4 legged egg faced, turtle backed species who live in peace, dance to weird drums and hug air-trees. While centuries past by on this peaceful dweling away from the heavily polluted milky-way, things took a wild devastating turn. When two legged homo-spaien creatures a.k.a humans started invading the peace-loving garbagians dumping their corporate crap all over the beautiful shores of Garbagia, until no place left to sing Gumbaya with smelling brown stench -Gumbaya: a common Garbagian folk song about gums-.

It is your mission to stop these invading humans with your acidic deadly saliva. be sure to avoid human’s fecal products, as they are too deadly. Collect bonus items for score and shield for protection (use Z to use it) and make sure to meet the giant greesy boss.

Play this free html5 game and share the “love”. Pass your time or better yet waste your time on this shitty game. and invite all your friends, family, associates, CEOs, bosses and your neighbors’ cats to play with you.

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